Visual Fortran 常见运行错误信息

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  41 Insufficient virtual memory 虚拟内存不足
  70 Integer overflow 整数溢出错误
  71 Integer divide by zero 整数除0错误
  72 Floating overflow 浮点数溢出错误
  73 Floating divide by zero 浮点数除0错误
  74 Floating underflow 浮点数下溢错误
  75 Floating point exception 浮点数异常错误
  77 Subscript out of range 数组定义超出边界
  95 Floating-point conversion failed 浮点数格式转换失败
  146 Null pointer error 空指针错误
  147 Stack overflow 堆栈溢出
  148 String length error 字符串长度超出允许范围
  149 Substring error 数组下标超出允许范围
  150 Range error 整数值超出允许范围
  151 Allocatable array is already allocated 数组重复定义
  161 Program Exception - array bounds exceeded 引用数组下标超出允许范围
  162 Program Exception - denormal floating-point operand 非法浮点数操作符
  163 Program Exception - floating stack check 浮点数堆栈检查
  164 Program Exception - integer divide by zero 整数除0错误
  165 Program Exception - integer overflow 整数溢出
  166 Program Exception - privileged instruction 非法执行特权指令
  168 Program Exception - illegal instruction 非法指令
  170 Program Exception - stack overflow 堆栈溢出
  540 Array or substring subscript expression out of range 数组下标低下数组定义
  541 CHARACTER substring expression out of range 字符串非法表示
  542 Label not found in assigned GOTO list 不属于GOTO语句引用的标号
  543 INTEGER arithmetic overflow 整数运算结果出现溢出
  544 INTEGER overflow on input 输入的整数值超出允许范围
  545 Invalid INTEGER 非法整数值
  546 REAL indefinite (uninitialized or previous error) 产生非法实数
  547 Invalid REAL 非法实数
  548 REAL math overflow 实数值溢出
  549 No matching CASE found for SELECT CASE select case语句中缺少case项
  550 INTEGER assignment overflow 整数定义超出允许范围
  556 A edit descriptor expected for CHARACTER 字符型数据的格式化输入和输出需要
  557 E, F, D, or G edit descriptor expected for REAL 实数型数据的格式化输入和输
  558 I edit descriptor expected for INTEGER 整数型数据的格式化输入和输出需要I编
  559 L edit descriptor expected for LOGICAL 逻辑型数据的格式化输入和输出需要L编
  568 Multiple radix specifiers 输入或输出语句重复说明
  582 Array already allocated 数组已分配
  583 Array size zero or negative 数组大小为0或负数
  585 Array not allocated 没有被分配的数组
  610 Invalid argument 非法参数
  616 Invalid number in input 输入非法数字
  617 Invalid string in input 输入非法字符串
  618 Comma missing in COMPLEX input 输入的多个表达式之间缺少逗号
  619 T or F expected in LOGICAL read 输入的逻辑值必须是T或F
  622 Illegal character in hexadecimal input 输入非法的十六进制数
  637 Integer expected in format 格式语句中要求的整数
  638 Initial left parenthesis expected in format 格式语句中多余的左括号
  639 Positive integer expected in format 格式语句中要求用正整数
  641 Integer expected preceding H, X, or P edit descriptor 在H、X、P编辑符前要
  644 '.' expected in format 在D、E、F、G编辑符中w和d域之间用'.'分隔
  645 Unexpected end of format 格式语句没有结束
  646 Unexpected character in format 格式语句中的非法字符
  647 M field exceeds W field in I edit descriptor 在I编辑符中M域的值大于W域的值
  648 Integer out of range in format 格式语句中的整数值超出允许范围
  650 Separator expected in format 格式语句中需要分隔符
  663 Out of range: substring starting position 'pos' is less than 1 子字符串的
  664 Out of range: substring ending position 'pos' is greater than string leng
  th 'len' 子字符串的终止位置大于字符串长度
  672 Out of memory 内存不足
  718 Cannot allocate temporary array -- out of memory 由于内存不足不能分配临时
  727 Cannot ALLOCATE allocatable array -- out of memory 由于内存不足不能分配数组
  729 DEALLOCATE failure: ALLOCATABLE array is not ALLOCATED 释放没有被分配的数组